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Eggless Easter: Vegan Egg Crescent Roll Ring

As always, I feel silly sharing a recipe that's more about construction than actually cooking. It has been ages and ages since I've made a crescent roll ring but recipes for different versions keep popping up in my social media feeds (thanks, Buzzfeed) so I thought it would be a good addition to our Eggless Easter brunch suggestions.

Served with sriracha mayo!

Served with sriracha mayo!

The very first time I made a crescent ring was also with a scramble filling and I made it at my parent's house, it was one of the first times I cooked anything vegan at their home. I thought I was cooking for myself and that I would have leftovers for quick breakfasts. Didn't happen. I left the ring of doughy goodness in the kitchen and returned to find that my Dad ate the ENTIRE thing. He didn't even realize it was entirely vegan, he just thought it was delicious and went to town. I guess I'm including this as a warning to anyone who wants a second helping; get it while you can because the combination of crescent rolls and...pretty much anything, is too good for anyone to pass up.

What You'll Need:

-Tofu Scramble (I made mine the day before and refrigerated it so I could just assemble and bake)
-Crescent Rolls (You can get the organic kind, the generic brand-  whatever your wallet and diet allows)


  1. Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Find a circular object to use as a guide for the center of your ring. If you're serving with a sauce, I would use the container for that sauce so it can sit in the middle.
  3. Unroll dough sheet. Use the longer side to create a sort of 'sun' shape around the object in the middle. Lay the pieces over each other so there's a solid ring of dough at the base.
  4. Fill with tofu scramble! I used our Simple Tofu Scramble recipe and added cheese. I used an ice cream/cookie scoop but I don't think that's entirely necessary.
  5. Bring the pointed ends towards the center and press down to pinch the dough together. You can also tuck the dough underneath the base for a tighter roll. Do this until the tofu scramble is entirely enclosed.
  6. Bake 20-22 minutes, until golden. 
  7. As always, STUFF FACE. But probably wait like 5-ish minutes so you don't burn yourself.
Crescent sun!

Crescent sun!

Simple Tofu Scramble Recipe

  1. Drain and wrap tofu in an absorbent towel.
  2. Warm skillet over medium heat, add 2 TBSP of oil and evenly coat the bottom of your skillet.
  3. Crumble tofu into the pan, using your fingers to break the pieces apart. I usually break the block into 5-6 pieces and then use a fork to keep it chunky and mix it around.
  4. Pour RATIONS Tofu Scramble Seasoning over tofu and mix well, trying to add color to as much tofu as possible.
  5. Continue to stir and mix tofu until it's heated throughout, anywhere from 8 to10 minutes.
  6. Serve with your favorite sides (like toast or potatoes) or toppings (like Phoney Baloney's Coconut Bacon or salsa).

Eggless Easter: Classic Tofu Egg Salad

If you're looking for a quick and delicious sandwich that's packed with protein but also the creaminess of something more decadent, tofu egg salad is a classic choice. You're likely to have everything on hand to make this and it's really easy to throw together at the beginning of the week, making packing a lunch later completely painless.

When Phoney Baloney's operated as a sandwich shop, it was located inside of a small gym. This tofu egg salad recipe was once a special on the menu and managed to win over a group of protein-lifting-bro types who couldn't believe that they weren't eating eggs. If you're looking to fool a friend or loved one with an egg recipe, here's your ticket! Just tell them you used leftover Easter eggs and then watch the amazement when you let them know they're eating VEGAN brotein in the form of tofu!

We're big fans of the way M Cafe in Los Angeles serves their own tofu egg salad: extra mayo on toasted bread and a generous serving of avocado on top. Obviously, this is not for those people who have a fear of healthy fats, but it sure is a tasty treat for us level-headed vegans!

Perfect finger food for an Eggless Easter party: mini tofu egg salad sandwich sliders.

Perfect finger food for an Eggless Easter party: mini tofu egg salad sandwich sliders.

Classic Tofu Egg Salad

1 block extra firm tofu, preferably pressed
2 tsp relish
1/4 cup Vegenaise, the original OG vegan mayo
3 tbsp mustard
1/4 tsp dill
1/4 small red onion
2 celery stalks
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
One single use pack Rations Tofu Scramble Seasoning


  1. While your tofu is pressing, make the "dressing" by combining the relish, Vegenaise, mustard, dill, lemon juice and Rations Tofu Scramble Seasoning.
  2. Chop the celery into thin slivers. This will add crunch but won't be too bulky.
  3. Dice your onion, we like ours diced pretty small. Again, this adds crunch. Andrea is not a red onion fan so we generally keep it pretty small.
  4. Crumble the tofu by hand right into the dressing. Mix it together until it's fully covered. Kyle does all of this by hand because he likes to make messes.
  5. Once the tofu is well covered in the dressing, add the chopped celery and onion in. Get your hands messy once more and combine everything together well.
  6. Chill and then eat up whenever you're ready to go at it! The longer this sits, the longer the flavors meld together.