egg tacos

Easy Vegan Breakfast Tacos

Kyle and I often tell people that our RATIONS Tofu Scramble Seasoning Mix is one of the most used ingredients in our kitchen. It wasn't until I was editing our recipe section that I realized we've never really made it clear; Kyle eats tofu scramble EVERY single day. I don't remember when this routine even started, we both love breakfast tacos but at some point, it just became his go-to.

Kyle calls this his power breakfast. It's gluten free, easy to throw together, not too heavy, but with enough protein to give him energy and keep him full until lunch. It's also really affordable, both the block of tofu and beans lasts us at least a week (usually a can of refried beans last even longer than a week, it just depends on if we use them in any other meal that week).

This doesn't even warrant a proper recipe but I'll explain what we keep on hand to make this breakfast come together fast.

You'll need:
-Corn tortillas, we use the uncooked kind from TortillaLand, 2 tortillas take about 2 minutes in a warmed up cast iron pan
-Refried pinto beans, sometimes we make them from scratch, sometimes we buy them from the Mother's cafe, sometimes we just buy the canned version
-1 Simple Tofu Scramble recipe
-Toppings! Kyle often just uses hot sauce but there's endless options for throwing these together quickly. We've used Mother's salsa, diced green chiles, leftover potatoes or tater tots, chopped up cilantro, or even homemade cheese!