Featured Retailer: Mother's Market and Kitchen

Mother's Market and Kitchen is roughly 50% of the reason Kyle and I struggle with the idea of moving away from Orange County. That is not an exaggeration*. Between being able to find nearly every vegan product out there and having an excellent cafe menu**, we think they're the perfect independent grocery store. 

We love that by supporting Mother's, we're supporting a local business who doesn't try to upcharge you for choosing an ethical lifestyle. The employees at Mother's are always friendly and helpful, and they'll even refill my iced coffee without having to ask (that's true love). They're the kind of employees who share their Tofurky Thanksgiving roast recipe with you, or tell you how much raw EatPastry dough they've eaten.  Best of all, Mother's makes eating vegan and vegetarian more accessible to the masses with their hot bar, to-go meals, and cafe- have you ever been to the Irvine location during the business crowd lunch rush!? We have, and it's packed.***

Thank you, Mother's, for all that you do to provide vegans with a million options, both in groceries and at your cafe! And for putting mashed potatoes in tortillas and calling them tacos. You're perfect.

*Proof: http://instagram.com/p/u3egY9NP9c/?modal=true
**Pro-tip: Always get the breakfast potatoes. The breakfast melt is my go-to order. Sometimes, I get it on a vegan biscuit... hallelujah.
***If you go, don't sit at the first table-top for two on your right, because that's my favorite table and I don't like not sitting there.

Note from Kyle:
Andrea wrote this post... she's only been going to Mother's for the last year and a half and this is how much she loves Mother's. Me personally... well, my love for Mother's spans more than a decade. As a vegan of about 13 years, Mother's was an invaluable resource to me back in the day (Andrea and Jared, save your "You mean when the dinosaurs roamed?" jokes for another time) and continues to be one of my favorite businesses to support. For anyone who has grown up in OC and transitioned to some form of vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, you know Mother's is an institution. They're also the first chain to give us a shot when we started selling Coconut Bacon, and we couldn't be more grateful. So let's raise a (reasonably priced, organic) green juice to Mother's and have a toast... or better yet, let's just have some of their signature Ma's toast with boysenberry jam.