What's Coconut Bacon?

Phoney Baloney's Coconut Bacon is a vegan, gluten free bacon substitute made from organic coconut. Using 100% organic coconut flakes soaked in an all-natural, proprietary marinade and then baked at low temperatures, Coconut Bacon features all of the crispy, smokey, salty goodness you want in bacon without any of the guilt.

Featured Retailer: Mother's Market

Mother's Market and Kitchen is the type of grocery store/cafe that every vegan wishes they had in their hometown, and lucky for us in Orange County, we have seven of them! Whether you need a breakfast burrito to break up a long day of hard work, a vegan cheesecake for a night in, or a green juice to get your day started right, Mother's is a place you can be proud to support.


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Phoney Baloney's is blessed to have a truly amazing group of retail partners. Click here to find one in your area, or check out our list of online retailers here. If you're in Canada, have no fear... these retailers have you covered up north. If you're a retailer looking to stock our product, please email us.